St Augustine Fall Engagement Session
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St Augustine Fall Engagement Session

St Augustine Fall Engagement Session

Fall engagement sessions in St Augustine are incredibly beautiful. Once the weather starts to cool, we have incredible fall golden hours and a wonderful break from the summer heat. I always encourage couple’s to book their engagement session in either spring or fall. In Florida, weather is quick to change, but the potential for cooler weather is a wonderful thing for scheduling sessions.

Another thing I encourage couples to do is to bring things that are important to them and their relationship. For this musically inclined groom, his guitar was important. By bringing the guitar, the couple made their engagement session special for them and captured moments that may happen at home when there isn’t a photographer around.

One of the biggest reasons I encourage engagement sessions is because of the time I get to spend getting to know my couple's! The session time is not rushed, which is very different than many wedding days. I also get to hear things being planned for the wedding day and their relationship story. Each of the couple's I get to join have a story. Some may think their story isn't exciting, but every couple has a journey that has gotten then to the point of marriage and making a life-long commitment to each other. That deserves to be celebrated and as a photographer, I get to document the big day.

Location: Riverfront Way, St Augustine, Florida 32092.