St Augustine Wedding Photographer at Lick Skillet
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St Augustine Wedding Photographer at Lick Skillet

First Looks in Winter Months

You either love first looks or you do not. I have found that couple's are split on first looks, there isn't really a grey area. In winter months, I encourage couples to take advantage of a first look. Especially when they are having a later ceremony time. 

When sunset is earlier in the day, a later ceremony leaves no time for sunny, daytime pictures if you opt to not do a first look. With a first look, you are able to have daytime photos done and have nighttime pictures. Additionally, a first look allows you to have time alone on a whirlwind day. I've never seen a first look take away from the moment you walk down the aisle. If anything, it adds to the day because you've had time together. 

Location: 4523 Lakeshore Dr, Orange Park.