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St Augustine Wedding Photographer Presbyterian Memorial

First Look During St Augustine Weddings

There is a big debate about first looks. Sometimes, they're considered to by less traditional or ruin the groom's reaction to the bride walking down the aisle. Others love them and think having the groom's reaction in private is the perfect moment. As a photographer, I think it varies by the couple, the time of year they are getting married, and how they feel about a first look. A first look will also eliminate some of the pictures immediately following the ceremony.

Photographer Recommended First Look

There are times I recommend a first look. If a couple is having a late ceremony start time, especially in the winter, I will recommend a first look. The reason is because of having enough natural light for pictures outside. I love having the ability to give a couple outdoor, natural light pictures and night time, dramatically lit pictures as well.

Presbyterian Memorial Church First Look

This bride and groom decided to do a private, first look in the gardens at Presbyterian Memorial. The bride walked to the groom, tapped him on the shoulder, and she got to twirl around and show him her whole dress. The twirling and showing the details of the dress is something you could not do as you walked down the aisle. Plus, it made for incredibly sweet moments and pictures that I just love!

Presbyterian Memorial is located near Flagler College in St Augustine. The address for Presbyterian Memorial is 32 Sevilla Street, St Augustine, Florida, 32084. Phone: (904)829-6451. The address for Flagler College is 74 King Street, St Augustine, Florida 32084. Phone: (904)829-6481.

Location: 32 Sevilla Street, St Augustine, Florida 32084.